Ports of Auckland - MEETING NOTES from HONEYWELL


980k TEU


-        Greater visibility

-        Efficiency with time saving – auto on feature. VMU starts up while still on the ground, to save time and ready to go by the time they get in the straddle.

-        PoA a legacy Honeywell customer – 5th generation of ports computing for 28 years (1380, VX1, VX6, VM1)

-        Used in the Straddle


-        Used in the cranes/gantry to get the containers from the ship (not yet implemented but plan to put one in the crane for looks) showing the jobsheet display. Currently using paper in this workflow. “Crane Module”


Film using the K Crane – often sits 3 days idle on the port.

Film on a Wednesday Or Tuesday I cant remember now – They have a “No ship day”

Potentially able to film using the crane and straddle simulator?

Straddle will fit 2 small people plus the driver. But not the huge camera we usually use. DSLR will fit.

Can attach gopros to the straddle legs

Potentially use a drone, below 30m. as long as we have documentation and written plans on what we are doing.

Will require sign off from the corporate affairs team.
Will require to complete online induction. To get on a ship or on the port. Will require to be supervised by a performance coach who will be assigned to us.