We want to make a series of video's that talk about the unique nature of Melbourne's Transportation system, the in's and out's of being a local courier and how Golden Messenger is always working to provide the number 1 service in Melbourne, though their creativty, compassion and competence. 


We would make three initial video's, all running at around 90 seconds that capture the key area's that impact on a courier business and give room for the subsequent SEO.


Every city is unique and we want to highlight why Melbourne is special and how local knowledge is everything. The approach we would take is to shoot the roads, and the people while we hear in voice over what makes Melbourne tick. 

Visually we want to capture the cultural aesthetic of Melbourne as a modern city where bright things are happening in every corner, but also a city that has a vibrant history. 

We would find the owners of local businesses and film them receiving their deliveries at their shops. The start up owner, working from their garage receiving their orders, a young band receiving their freshly printed records or a bride receiving her wedding dress.

Borrowing from the documentary style on feature films such as Senna and Amy, we wouldn't show the person talking, rather we connect the voice of the narrator with the person you are watching. This allows us to have one voice, or many, and allows us to spend our time on visuals that can convey more then a talking head, 


Our second video would focus on a day in the life of a courier driver, with a continuation on the theme of being a local, they'd describe the in's and out's of being a courier. What makes the job great, what can make a day tough (the traffic, the weather), but how their creativity and attitude and experience means the job gets done. 

In this video we would touch on the history of Golden Messenger and it's longevity as well as incorporating the themes and traits underpinning the mission and value statement of the company.

Again we would film this section using the documentary style, focusing on a key worker and following them from morning to night. 


Lastly we'd shoot a testimonial video, making sure we'd capture the nature of their business and how Golden Messenger provides the best service for them. With this video we think it's important to establish the person making the testimonial. We'd shoot them on location in their work place while still focusing on making the interview footage as interesting and visually dynamic as possible.


We shoot in a documentary style with a small crew, using the latest versatile camera's to make sure the content is of the highest standard and can play on any device. We love to work with what's around us, filming non-actors and making sure that the history of the company, the nature of the people who work their and the heart that goes into making these businesses's run isn't lost.