We will always provide you with a project specific quote free of charge, but to give you an idea about our rates we've put together a brief overview of two options.

Our budgets always include original music composed for your project, script work or research to develop an interview led approach as well as the graphics and title work to finish a video off.

ONE DAY SHOOT  - suitable for single products/single person interviews/one location

1 x 2'30 - 3'00 video

Budget:  $6,500

TWO DAY SHOOT - suitable for multiple stakeholders or products / up to four interviews / multiple locations

1 x 3'00 - 4'00 video

Budget: $10,000

If you are interested in adding a stills package to the shoot please get in touch and we can provide additional quotes.


We will always provide you with an uncompressed version of the film, a copy for uploading to the internet and a compressed version that can be sent easily via email as well as a group of screenshots from the finished product for use on social media.